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Mountain rescue in the UK is free of charge to the casualty, but relies on the support and generosity of the public to maintain this valuable community service. Without you, they simply could not function.
GO Outdoors have teamed up with Mountain Rescue England and Wales in an effort to raise £500,000 to go towards buying equipment and training team members across the country.
It costs a tremendous amount to set up a mountain rescue team. A single rescue vehicle costs upwards of £35,000 but the ‘hidden’ costs of replacing kit and running a team base are also substantial. This means that it takes the same incredible effort to maintain an established team as it does to create a new one.

Every penny you give in a GO Outdoors store or by clicking the donate buttons below, goes to help Mountain Rescue teams across England and Wales. Get donating now and help us to make sure the hills of England and Wales stay as safe as possible for everyone

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